Patch of Heaven Heritage Farm 

Oconee County, South Carolina

Open Range Farming on 26 acres!

Farm Hours: By Appointment(s) ONLY

Farm Tours by appointment only.

(864) 762 - 1999


Visitors are welcome for tours, but by appointment only.  Farm is N.P.I.P. certified so we have to follow the rules.  This farm was started to help the Military Veteran owner; it's therapy to my mind and happiness to my soul.  Maybe you'll experience some of this yourself on a Helper's Tour.

What the heck is N.P.I.P. Certified Mean?

"The National Poultry Improvement Plan was established in the early 1930's to provide a cooperative industry, state, and federal program through which new diagnostic technology could be effectively applied to improve poultry and poultry products safety".


"The development of the NPIP was initiated to eliminate Pullorum Disease caused by Salmonella pullorum. The program was later; extended, and refined to include testing and monitoring for Salmonella typhoid, Salmonella enteritidis, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Mycoplasma synoviae, Mycoplasma meleagridis, and Avian influenza.  The NPIP currently includes commercial poultry, turkeys, waterfowl, exhibition poultry, backyard poultry, and game birds".

The statement above can be viewed at:

We do our best for the animals - so they live happy free lives, giving us healthy bounties of eggs and meat.

Our family eats from the farm and we offer it to your family as well.

N.P.I.P. Certified Farm

S.C. Dept. Ag. License to Distribute Eggs

S.C. Dept. Ag. Meat & Poultry Handlers License

See Clemson Livestock Poultry Health